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So, hi. This is Grace Photography. My name isn’t Grace, but both my names, Jessica Anne mean grace. I named my business based on the profound grace I felt when I started photographing. It wasn’t something I pursued—it was something that just, well, happened.

Five years ago, someone asked me to photograph their wedding. My dad lent me his nice camera and even bought a brand new flash just so I could do it. (Best dad ever, right?!) And I did it. I surprised myself. But I was hungry to get better. I became obsessive about photographs. I would go into book stores, park myself in a corner and study photo books. I wanted to learn everything I could and make beautiful images.

I booked a few more weddings and got better. I made a whole lot of mistakes along the way too. I once showed up to shoot a wedding in Mexico with the wrong type of passport. It was the craziest, and perhaps most stressful, 24 hours of my life. Somehow, by grace, I made it. And a valuable lesson learned: life is sometimes messy and unpredictable - but there's still so much beauty to be captured.  

I operate by the grace of God and believe that everything beautiful comes from Him. This belief pours steadily into my work, giving me a great deal of kindness toward myself and always growing toward excellence.


Things you should know about me:

 I studied Psychology in college. But don't worry,  I only analyze my husband these days.

I worked in a dental office before becoming a photographer. I’ve assisted pulling a tooth … or 500.

I live for spontaneity and a challenge. I think that’s probably why I love weddings so much. They are always full of both!

I grew up in a military family so I’ve lived all over.  I have been in MS for 7 years, but the twang in my accent should tell you that I’m a southern gal at heart.

When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me either lacing up my running shoes, working on my cooking skills, or spending time with my hubby and sweet baby boy, William.