My very favorite part of each wedding is the moment right after the ceremony when the bride and groom exchange their first, intimate words as husband and wife.  They are entirely new people at that moment, full of joy and anticipation.

This is why I photograph weddings. I can’t get enough of the people. And us people? We’re all a mess. We each need a big dose of grace to get through any day, especially the days of marriage. Weddings are Day One of the most sacred union we can enter into with another person. And I love to document that first day and help couples set the tone of graciousness as they start their lives together.




So what does it look like for you to have me as your photographer? A lot of fun, that’s what! I love to get to know my couples—and share in their excitement about their upcoming wedding. Getting to know one another is a huge part of this, so all my weddings include a complimentary engagement session. We will spend some time together, I’ll take some photos, and we’ll make something beautiful together.

On your day, we’ll have a rock solid timeline and know one another well enough that it will feel like just hanging out. Afterward, I have some beautiful products for you to display your photos. I love the idea that your wedding day stays tangible rather than sitting in files somewhere. The pieces I offer—hand-carved boxes, engagement books, gorgeous linen covered albums—grow in value along with your marriage.

Wedding Experiences with Grace Photography begin at  $2,500.  Head on over to the contact page so we can chat more about your wedding!