Megan + Joel || New Orleans, LA Wedding


Megan + Joel || New Orleans, LA Wedding

I first met Megan and Joel almost 2 years ago when I photographed one of Megan’s best friend’s weddings (you can see Katelyn and Michael’s fabulous wedding here). Megan was actually Katelyn’s maid of honor, and I was really excited when she reached out about 4 months after the wedding to let me know that she and Joel had gotten engaged! Joel and Megan were on a trip out to Napa, California, when Joel popped the question. He had planned everything in advance and they were on a private tour of a winery, when Megan was offered to try some grapes from the vine. When she turned around, Joel was on one knee. After getting over her disbelief, she said, “OF COURSE!” My favorite tid bit is that Joel arranged for a photographer to capture the whole thing, and Megan said he captured all her ugly crying (I think that’s our favorite thing to capture!).

This past Saturday they pledged to love one another and be together through thick and thin for the rest of their lives. It was such a beautiful and sincere and joyful day and I know they have so many more adventures to come together! I can’t thank you two enough for trusting me with capturing your day!

Also, huge thanks to my second shooter, Nikole Muffler!

Bride getting ready location: The Roosevelt Hotel

Groom getting ready: Intercontinental Hotel New Orleans

Ceremony: St. Joseph’s Church

Reception: The Riverview Room

Wedding planner: Elizabeth Burkhardt Events

Makeup: Suzette Stuprich

Hair: Kara Cunningham Bertucci

Florist: Crystal Vase Flowers

Band: The Topcats

Videographer: Chris Castillo

Cakes: La Louisiane Bakery


Marissa's Bridal Session || Race and Religious, New Orleans


Marissa's Bridal Session || Race and Religious, New Orleans

When you have a bride with a beautifully dreamy and romantic vision AND a heart of gold, it pushes you a little extra as an artist to create something that she deserves! When Marissa and I were discussing ideas for her bridal session, there were lots of exclamation points and “yays!” in our emails. Race and Religious did not disappoint one bit, and Marissa was just the best to work with! Enjoy!


Marissa + Colby || Gulfport, MS Wedding


Marissa + Colby || Gulfport, MS Wedding

I was excited to work with Marissa and Colby from the moment Marissa and I started chatting about her engagement session. I could tell that Marissa was a kindred spirit: a romantic soul who loves all things vintage. I loved that she had a strong, creative vision for her engagement, bridal, and wedding photos and she took the time to share her vision with me every step of the way. You’ll see her awesome vintage/bohemian vision throughout the wedding, and Jean McGrury at After the Proposal Planning made it all come together so beautifully (I’ve never ever seen a wedding arch made out of greenery and pampas grass…so dreamy!).

And Colby, well he’s really smart. The kind of smart where he reads a lot and also listens to 4 hour long podcasts about history (!!!). But also the kind of smart where as a 7th grader, he had eyes for the girl he would eventually marry. Marissa says that Colby calls it “a compelling story of determination and perseverance” (cue Marissa giggling) as he pursued her throughout high school, college, until ultimately they started a relationship after college when Marissa went to an out of state wedding with him. They’ve been inseparable ever since and welcomed a sweet baby boy, Walter, in 2017.

I loved getting to know this kind, warm, hilarious, and beautiful couple! Their day is definitely one for the books!

Getting ready location, bride: The Guest House, Gulfport

Ceremony Venue: The Event Center at Climb Cafe, Gulfport

Second Shooter: My-Tram Seymour

Wedding Planner: Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Flowers: Matt Washburn, After the Proposal

Makeup: Jackie Merlau Hall

Hair: Brandi Bosarge

Cake: French Kiss Pastries

Videographer: Michael Terrell, All Terrain Productions

DJ: Marcel Lanoux, Nighshift Sounds

Catering: Patrick Heim, Taste Catering


Cleo + Devin || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding


Cleo + Devin || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding

When I’m getting to know a couple, I send them a little questionnaire to find out more about their story. My favorite question asks them which of the following their relationship is most like: a cozy blanket, a romantic comedy, a firework show, or other (and to explain). Most of my brides choose the first two, but Cleo chose the last, explaining that they are most like a musical comedy. I was immediately intrigued. She went on to say that they are both musical enthusiasts, and that they spend their time laughing, having fun, constantly singing and dancing together. I knew right then that this wedding would be amazing! I love a couple that loves taking joy in just being together, making each other laugh, and not taking themselves too seriously as they navigate all that life brings their way. It’s a recipe for a happy life, you guys!

So a Great Gatsby theme totally seemed perfect for these two lighthearted romantics, and I have to say, their wedding did not disappoint. I’m talking rich jewel toned dresses, a beaming bride in an art deco inspired dress, a flapper dress dance off in an alley, a sweet daughter and father first look, a bride and groom duet at the altar (!!!), and a seriously amazing reception decked out in gorgeous florals and F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes to get everyone in the mood for celebrating. Cleo and Devin, there’s no one else like you two and I’m so incredibly honored that I got to capture the day you pledged your lives to one another!

Bride Getting Ready Location: Hotel Whiskey, Pass Christian

Ceremony location: Christ Episcopal Church, Bay St. Louis

Reception Venue: Bay St. Louis Community Hall

Hair: Hair Affair, Long Beach

Florist: Elements Catering and Floral Design

Caterer: Elements Catering and Design

Cake: Deann Whisenhunt

Band: Dr. Rock and the Interns


Carin + Brice || Kentwood, LA Wedding

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Carin + Brice || Kentwood, LA Wedding

What a joy this wedding was to shoot! Carin and Brice are such a fun-loving, kind, and thoughtful couple and their wedding day flowed so seamlessly. You can tell that every detail was thought over and planned so sweetly (down to having blankets on hand for guests in case they got cold during the ceremony!). Carin was the perfect mix of elegance and relaxation as she chose the most beautiful lace dress and then paired it with awesome white tennis shoes. A girl after my own heart! She was so thoughtful to give Brice quite a few gifts to open us as he got ready for the wedding, one gift being a pair of socks decorated with her beautiful face. ;) Of course he had to put them on! It was a little gusty that day (that might be a little understatement, but I swear you can’t tell it from the photos!) but everyone was beaming for the couple the whole time. I looked out the window of Carin’s bridal suite and mentioned to her that we could try to shoot indoors since the wind was literally shaking the tree branches. She didn’t miss a beat and told me sweetly that she definitely wanted to shoot outdoors. I’m so glad we did because the light was so soft and pretty!

Carin and Brice, your day was amazing and I know it was everything you hoped and dreamed it would be! Congrats!

Big thank you Nikole Muffler for second shooting!

Venue: The White Magnolia

Hair and Makeup: Jaci Duhe

Florist: Beth Bourgeois and Bride’s mother

Caterer: LA Bayou Bistro

Band: Chase Tyler Band

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Kristen + Ryan || New Orleans, LA Wedding

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Kristen + Ryan || New Orleans, LA Wedding

Kristen and Ryan got married just shy of two weeks ago and these images have been seriously burning a hole in my pocket ever since. I’ve been working hard to blog my weddings this year, but I got held back a little bit with the holiday shuffle. This one is worth the wait, though. Promise!

I loved getting to meet Kristen and Ryan at Karly and Todd’s wedding earlier this year, and then saw them again at Caroline and Chris’ wedding in the spring as well! 2018 was a busy year for these gals! Kristen and Ryan wanted a more laid back wedding photography experience, so they opted for a first look at New Orleans City Park. Kristen was an absolute knockout in her gold wedding dress and the peristyle made for the perfect backdrop for their photos. Their wedding ceremony was at Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church and then everyone celebrated at The Chicory. I loved every minute of their day, but I’d have to say that their reception was my favorite part. I captured some of my all time favorite reception photos that night…you’ll see why. ;)

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your day Kristen and Ryan!

Getting Ready location: Hampton Inn and Suites

Ceremony: Our Lady of Holy Rosary

Reception: The Chicory

Wedding Planner: Elizabeth Burkhardt Weddings and Events

Hair Stylist: Katie Malone

Makeup: Sarah Walsh

Florist: The Plant Gallery

DJ: Phat Hat

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Ashlee + Andrew || The Stables, Vancleave Wedding


Ashlee + Andrew || The Stables, Vancleave Wedding

I’m fairly certain that I shot the most beautiful wedding taking place anywhere on the planet this past Saturday. Just looking back over these images makes my cheeks hurt from smiling, and my heart ache that such a love exists! Ashlee’s makeup artist is one amazing talented gal (Chrissy Cox), because there were lots of tears before Ashlee even started walking down the aisle. Ashlee and Andrew have been together for 11 years, so their love has been tested by life’s ups and downs and it has proven to be true and solid. You’ll see from the images that they were glowing with so much joy that day!

I hope you love these images, Ashlee and Andrew, and enjoy your time on your honeymoon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing me to document your day!

Biggest thanks to Misty Nolan for second shooting!

Venue: The Stables, Vancleave, MS

Wedding Planner: Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Flowers: Jean McGrury

Hair: Nicki Hilton

Makeup: Chrissy Cox

Bride’s Dress: House of Tux

Cake: Cheeky Monkey Cake Company

DJ: Marcel Lanoux, Nightshift Sounds

Catering: Patrick Heim, Taste!


Katherine + Nick || Ocean Springs, MS Wedding


Katherine + Nick || Ocean Springs, MS Wedding

When Katherine reached out to me about shooting her wedding, I got really giddy. She was warm and kind from the get-go and she said she loved that I captured lots of personal and emotional moments that happen at a wedding. I knew she was my kind of gal from that moment on and prayed that she would choose me to shoot her wedding!

I feel so incredibly honored to have captured Katherine and Nick becoming husband and wife because they have such a beautiful and enduring love. Their story really is one that makes you believe more in the idea that we are destined for that “one person!” Nick’s family moved to Biloxi from New Jersey when he was starting 6th grade, and the teacher happened to put them in the same table group. Katherine remembers thinking that he was so cute and she even joked with a friend that she would date him one day (!!!). They ended up becoming good friends, and Katherine’s mom told me that she thought a few times, “why doesn’t Nick ask Katherine out?” during that time! Nick finally asked her out their junior year, and after an amazing first date kayaking to Deer Island, they were virtually inseparable. They are both incredibly kind people with mutual love for family, others, adventures, and spontaneity (and their Jeep Wagoneer, Alice!) How can their future not be full of SO many good things?!?

So so happy for you two and I can’t wait to see where life takes you!

Biggest thanks ever to my second shooter, Nikole Muffler!

Bride getting ready location: The Roost

Church: St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Ocean Springs

Reception: Marine Education Center, Ocean Springs

Hair: Kim David

Florist: Melissa England

Caterer: Scranton’s Restaurant and Catering

Band: Hub City Sound Machine


Ali + Zach || Gautier, MS Wedding


Ali + Zach || Gautier, MS Wedding

Breath of fresh air. That little saying pretty much sums up Ali and Zach’s wedding. It really is so refreshing to me when a couple decides to take their wedding day at their own pace and savor every moment. You’ll see the excitement these two had to marry one another in pretty much every photo, because they truly focussed on the fact that they were getting to marry their best friend that day. I love all the pretty details that make up a wedding, but when it’s all said and done, those really are dust in the wind compared to the vows that two people make to one another at their wedding. (Speaking of wind, you’ll see that we were blessed with quite a bit of it on Saturday, but I felt like it made the photos have more life and movement in them, which I’m always aiming for! Score!)

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because the photos really are some of my favorite ever, and I just can’t wait to share them. Ali and Zach, thank you so much for choosing me and I know you’re going to have an incredible future together!

Thanks to Hannah Stewart for second shooting and Annie Hsu for assisting!

Wedding details:

Venue: The Old Place, Gautier, MS

Wedding Planning: Ana Mcelwayne

Florist: Lady Di’s

DJ: Nightshift Sounds