Megan + Taylor || Engaged

Megan reached out to me this summer with the exciting news that she and her boyfriend, Taylor, had gotten engaged and were interested in an engagement session.  She told me that they wanted a session that included their bicycle built for two, and also maybe some champagne on the beach.  Of course I got excited about both of those ideas!  I love trying to envision my sessions beforehand, and it's so fun for me when my clients come up with unique ideas to make their session more personal.  I'm all about that!  

I got to know a little more about them over email.   They met at Springhill college in Mobile while doing their undergrad studies.  After that, they headed up to Oxford, MS, where Megan is in a MBA program and Taylor is now finishing up his last year of law school.  I think my favorite thing that was said during the session was when Taylor looked at me and said, "Megan is crazy smart.  That's one of the reasons I love her.  She can hold her own."   This man loves his girl not just for her beauty, but cause she challenges him intellectually. Love it.  

They're not just a brainy couple, mind you.  For most of the session they were laughing and cutting up together.  The first five minutes started out with them showing off their bicycle-built-for-two-skills.  They keep the bike on the coast, so they admitted to being a little rusty.  There may have been a minor spill at one point, but both laughed it off and got back on.  We then headed to a beautiful field (i.e. majorly overgrown with awesome backlighting) where I asked if they would be willing to walk into almost waist deep grass.  They didn't miss a beat and were all up for it.   "I guess this is how everyone gets those pretty photos, huh?" Megan asked.  Yep, pretty photos can sometimes mean getting a little dirty!  And being willing to dance in a field and laugh at each other while you're doing it. 

Taylor and Megan also looked fantastic in their little bit dressier outfit at the Pass Christian Harbor.  The lighting was crazy bright, but we made it work!  After that, we headed to the beach, where Taylor opened up champagne and we captured some more shots as the sun went down.

Biggest congrats on your engagement Megan and Taylor!  I was honored to capture your love! 

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