Ashley || New Orleans, LA Bridal Session

Ashley is my girl.  We first met over a year ago when she contacted me about needing a wedding photographer for her Slidell, LA wedding.  I loved chatting with her over the phone as she was extremely kind and I could tell that she was passionate about photography.  I also found out that she was a graphic designer, so she had an eye for art in general.  

Fast forward to her and Alex's engagement session and it dawned on me that I really wanted a new website and branding in general.  I popped the question to Ashley and she was just as excited as I was about creating me a new website and brand.  She mentioned the client gift that I sent her when I first booked her (a handmade card with washi tape) and said that she thought, "This is really sweet...and I can really help her improve this."  That's one of the wonderful things about Ashley.  She will tell you the God honest truth, but in the kindest and most tactful way possible.  I am so thankful for her and I know we'll be friends long after I finish her wedding album.

I loved this bridal session.  Ashley wanted something unique and also rustic.  She loves settings that are a little grittier.  We found an awesome area near City Park in New Orleans that had a series of dilapidated buildings.  But I want to kiss the person who painted the boarded up windows the lovely blue-green color.  I love the color blue, I love the color green, but when you mix them in just the right proportion, it's heavenly.  But I digress.  Here is the lovely Ashley! 

Jessica Lumpkin1 Comment