Paula + Brent || New Orleans, LA Wedding

Something I strive for with every wedding is to figure out what my clients are most excited about for their wedding day.  They are excited to get married, but usually there are aspects about their wedding that they are looking forward to.  Is it the moment when the groom first sees his bride walking down the aisle?  Is it all the decor that they painstakingly and lovingly chose for their day?  Is it the bride's dress?  

I think it was pretty easy for me to "get" these two.  They were excited to get married, and they were excited to get married with their loved ones there.  This made me happy.  It's amazing for me when I work with couple, and brides especially, who, at their own wedding, are more focussed on others than themselves. Paula chose absolutely beautiful details for her day, but I knew it wasn't about the dress, the jewelry, the shoes.  It was about the people that were there to celebrate with them.  She was so laid back all through the day and the only time she requested specific shots, it was to make sure I captured someone who was near and dear to her.  "Please get my sisters and niece and mom getting ready,"  "These are my coworkers, I would love pictures of them," etc etc... How lovely is that?  She even brought up the fact that I could send some of my images to some of her vendors as a way for me to market my business. . .she was thinking about my success on her wedding day! 

Paula and Brent, you guys were such a joy to serve.  You are two beautiful souls and I know that you will have many adventures together in the years to come!

Second Shooter:  Lisa Cooke Photography

Videography:  Taylor Seth Terrebone 

Makeup:  Sarah Walsh from Katie Malone Studio

Hair: Anne Kirsch

Florist:  Fat Cat Flowers

Caterer: City Park Catering

Band:  Musical Fantasy

Reception Uplighting:  Pyramid Audio

Hotel:  Roosevelt Hotel

Ceremony:  St. Anthony's Catholic Church

Reception:  Arbor Room at Popp Fountain, City Park