Katelyn + Michael || Engaged

Engagement sessions are SO fun.  I kind of feel like they are getting a bad rap these days (we've all seen the funny spoofs of engagement sessions and how they can be  cheesy sometimes), but photos of you just being yourselves together and just having a good time. . .how can that ever be a bad thing?!  

I knew that this session with Katelyn and Michael was going to be fun.  Their relationship started with brownies, so that tells you something. Specifically Katelyn baking brownies for Michael's workout partner when he was going through a rough time in life.  And Michael ended up eating the whole pan himself. (Sorry to rat you out Michael, but I'm seriously on the same level of sugar addiction. . .soooo...)  From there they became good friends who studied together, and then they became more.  EEEEEP! I love a good love story.

We met at Fountainbleu Park in Louisiana on a pretty, overcast day.  The light was soft and beautiful.  Katelyn told me over the phone that she was not photogenic (lies) and would want help posing.  Well they just showed up and made each other laugh the whole time and it was perfect.   I can't wait for their wedding in New Orleans this upcoming July!

PS My favorite images are when Katelyn is obviously appreciated Michael's beard. . .because it just begs to be appreciated.  You'll see below.  

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