Sara Ashton + Alec || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding

Theirs is a love that started in Lane 2 at the St. Stanislaus pool in high school, that has lasted through college, and onto law school. . .Sara Ashton and Alec have such a beautiful relationship!  They started dating Sara Ashton's senior year and Alec's junior year of high school, after being friends for many years.  Those really are the sweetest love stories. . .so much history and fun stories before they even had their first date!  I have loved getting to know these two better over the past year.  Sara Ashton reached out to me at first because she had just gotten engaged and she saw one of her friend's bridal session on my blog and said that she loved the photos.  Well after she started doing some research, she discovered that we are actually cousins!  Long story, but I didn't grow up in Mississippi (being a military brat) but I have a large, amazing Italian family on the coast, many of whom I've never met or gotten to know!  I do remember seeing Sara Ashton and her family at the family's annual Italian Sausage cookout on Christmas Eve over the years though.  We sat down and talked for a few hours at a coffee shop not long after that, and she and her wonderful mom, Kim, were so warm and kind that I not only felt like family to them, but friends!  

I'm not sure how she managed to do it, but Sara Ashton managed to finish law school, study for the bar exam, pass the bar exam, and plan a wedding all at the same time.  And still be incredibly kind to everyone around her in the meantime!  I mean, seriously?!  Big props to Alec as well, as he's finishing up his last year of law school!  Talk about a couple who is going to take on the world.  I loved that they wanted to have their first look where it all started, at the St. Stanislaus pool!  The day was beautifully overcast and somehow the bride and groom were both super mellow and calm before the first look.  After just taking it all in for a few minutes, we started bride and groom portraits right at the pool, and Alec shared one of his favorite stories about him and Sara Ashton, pre-dating.  It had to do with one of them not shaving their legs and putting them around the other and announcing that they hadn't shaved their legs.  The other was left wondering if that was technically flirting.  HA!  

The rest of the day was so beautiful and full of love from family and friends.  These two know how to work hard, but they also know how to enjoy life and love people.  (And it showed, as the large church was pretty much filled to the brim with happy friends and family.) I think that's a recipe for a beautiful life.  

I am so thankful that Sara Ashton and Alec chose me to walk this journey with them and capture all the moments of joy and beauty of their day!  

Huge shoutout to my incredibly talented second shooter Christina Hawkinson!

Amazing vendors:

Hair:  Lauren Sandidge

Makeup: Kristen Legrende

Flowers: Pine Hills Floral 

Catering:  Vicky Necaise

DJ:  Elvis Ta

Coordinator:  Paula Spears

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