Alexis + Matt || New Orleans, LA Wedding

Valentine's Day: what a perfect day for a blog post!  Yes, I am one of "those" people who believe that Valentine's Day is a legitimate holiday.  Any holiday that gives me the excuse to eat a lot of chocolate and smooch my husband is a-okay in my book!  And actually, it gets even better.  Today I get the honor of blogging a wedding for a couple who first began to seeing each other on Valentine's Day 8 years ago!  Amazing how things work like that!

It's also the perfect day for their blog post because Alexis and Matt are two romantics at heart.  The story of how Matt proposed to Alexis gave me some serious chills (think roses, champagne, photo album, secret photographer all on a balcony overlooking the city, with their parents secretly watching down below, and then driving to re-visit the exact spot in the city where they had their first meaningful moment together!)  so I knew their wedding day would be so beautiful.  They intentionally created some sweet moments in their day that celebrated their love for one another before they even met at the altar. I love it when brides and grooms write letters to one another to read before getting married.  I can see those being cherished mementos for years to come, not just for them, but for their children and grandchildren.  It really is true that your wedding day feels like it flies by, so by making sure you pause and reflect (possibly by reading letters?!), you create more opportunities to soak all that wedding day bliss in.   You could also have your adorable pup brought to you while your getting ready to get some last minute snuggles in as well.  Just wait until you see this crazy cute dog!

After their lovely ceremony at the Holy Name of Jesus Church, Alexis and Matt celebrated with all their friends and family at The Cannery for their reception.  There was amazing dancing.  There was incredible food.  And to top it all off:  there was a s'more bar.  Yes, a s'more bar.  I wasn't sure if it was reality, so of course I had to test it out (after taking photos of course!).   But I think my favorite part was honestly capturing all the amazing dancing.  Alexis is a fantastic dancer (ok, Matt is too!), and it really runs in her blood.  After a slow father-daughter dance, Alexis' entire immediate family joined on the dance floor for some sweet latin dancing.  Some amazing hip action, guys.  

Ok, so I'm sure you have some chocolate to be eating right about now, so I'll cut to the chase and let you see a few of the happy, beautiful moments of Alexis and Matt's day!

Huge thanks to Lauryn Atwood of L. Atwood Photography for her amazing second shooting!  And to these vendors:

Videography: Mary M Cinema

Wedding Planner:  Sue Rudiger at Beth's Florist

Makeup:  Makeup by Meggan

Hair:  Flawless Bride

Florist:  Beth's Flowers

Catering:  The Cannery/Toulouse Catering

Band:  Az Izz Band

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