Karly + Todd || Baton Rouge, LA Wedding

So I got to shoot one of my most anticipated weddings this past Friday.  After I met Karly and Todd in New Orleans for their engagement session last fall, I've been dreaming of this day.  Meeting them was like meeting long lost friends. . .they were both super kind and warm, Karly had us laughing the whole time, and Todd introduced me to an amazing new Greek fast food restaurant before the night was over (so kind to this then-pregnant gal!).  Their wedding day was so full of joy, beautiful light, and fun moments.  Before you see my favorite 100 or so images of their day, I thought I'd share their proposal story, because it's just too fun not to...

'We first said "I love you" after one of my bridesmaid's wedding in 2014, on the lakefront in Mandeville at The Barley Oak (restaurant/bar). Todd had decided he was going to propose at the same spot on April Fool's Day! NO JOKE! Rewind a bit, to when he sold one of his beloved cars to buy a diamond in November/December of last year. He held on to the ring and this secret for nearly 4 months, just waiting for the right moment.

April Fool's weekend approached and a couple of days before, he called our close loved ones to let them know he was proposing that Saturday (all of my girlfriends had literally no idea this was coming)! That morning, we had a delicious spread of pancakes and bacon & drove to NOLA to hang with his family. I suggested to get my nails done....which is so very coincidental (b\c I never get them done!) After, we drove to the Northshore to hang with my family. I remember on the way, I looked at Todd and said "this has been the best day ever!" I was just so relaxed and happy. Once we got there, we parked on the lakefront and started walking with my pup to The Barley Oak "to meet my sister". Along the way, he stopped and said "Let's go over here...this looks like a good spot". I was confused for a moment and became REALLY NERVOUS. He started saying the love lines, got down on one knee and whipped out the ring!!! I cried, cursed, closed my eyes and was in complete and utter surprise! There was no one around and nobody sneaking behind us trying to take the pic (exactly how I wanted it...just us 2!) Afterwards, he had all of our family and friends waiting at The Barley Oak to celebrate with us!' 

Biggest thanks to my second shooter Lisa Cooke!