Britnee + Scott || Biloxi, MS Wedding

Pure gold.  Those two words pretty much sum up Britnee and Scott.  From the minute I met Britnee at the Cat Island Coffee Shop and was so touched by her sweet spirit and kindness, to the text I received yesterday when she told me to please take as much time as I needed to edit their wedding images. . .this duo has been beyond a joy to serve and get to know.  And it's obvious that lots of other people feel similarly about them because their church was a packed house of smiling people who love them and wanted to share in their most amazing day.  

The minute that the doors of the church opened and Britnee stepped into the aisle with her dad, it was really something to watch Scott's face.  Don't get me wrong, I love first looks.  But honestly not much can replace the face of a groom as he's watching his bride walk down the aisle to him (as all the other wedding photographers boo me off the stage for saying that!).   My wise friend Juliana told me that the one of the best ways to understand how God feels about his church is to watch the face of a groom as his bride to be comes down the aisle.  Completely and utterly in love with his bride.  It really is moving. 

Then there comes the time in the ceremony when the groom is supposed to take his bride as his "lawfully wedded wife" aaaaaand he accidentally leaves the letter "L" off and it turns into a whole other expression so he almost falls down laughing.  Yeah, that may have happened, but it made Brit and Scott's ceremony totally "them."  I can see them laughing and telling their kids about that one day and I love the photo captured of that moment.  

From reading sweet letters from each the other while getting ready, to Scott busting out with a surprisingly amazing falsetto singing voice at the reception, their day was so lighthearted, meaningful, and blessed.  Thanks for being amazing clients and now friends Britnee and Scott!   You two are the best!

Biggest thanks to Lisa Cooke for second shooting with me!


Hair and makeup:  Blown by Oliv Ares Haus of Glam

Florist:  Maria Vollmuth and Sonja Covacevich

Caterer:  Wendy Fayard

Band: The Rewind Band