Is a First Look right for you?


Whether or not to do a First Look on your wedding day can be a pretty big decision. You’ll probably get a lot of strong opinions about it from friends and family. All the way from “you have to do one!” to “you’re doing what?!”. I can honestly say that there’s really no wrong or right way, but I do feel like there are a few really compelling reasons to either do a First Look or to not do one that might help you guys make up your mind! At the end of this will be a link to a quiz that will basically ask you for the information presented in this, just to show you what side of the scale your answers tip towards! Let’s make this easy peasy for you!!!

Reasons to do a First Look

Reason #1

Your ceremony is a late afternoon or evening ceremony and you won’t have time to get photos in natural light. There’s nothing wrong with taking photos with a flash, but just know it will have a much different look than all the natural light photos that most photographers show in their portfolio.

(*pro tip: If your ceremony ends after sunset and you aren’t doing a First Look, I highly recommend you ask to see examples of photos taken with flash from photographers you are looking at!)

Reason #2


You want a lot of bride and groom photos. A First Look gives you about 50% more bride and groom photos and you have more time to create variety in poses and locations! Plus extra time to be alone! (win win!)

wanna be fancy, do a first look

Reason #3

One or both of you are worried about pre-wedding nerves. Seeing each other before the ceremony is a great way to calm those nerves!


Don’t worry, be happy…

Reasons Not to do a first look

Reason #1

Katie_Ryan_Wedding_Ceremony-12 (1).jpg

You guys are Traditional! One or both of you want to follow the tradition of the groom seeing the bride come down the aisle. This can be the main reason that the First Look doesn’t happen. However I do have to say that even after a first look, it will still be a really memorable experience for the groom to see the bride come down the aisle.

Reason #2

Golden hour is after the Ceremony. This is most photographer’s favorite time of the day to take photos. SO if your ceremony ends about an hour before sunset, then depending on your shot list, you can usually take all the photos after the ceremony.

Reason #3


You guys want photojournalistic coverage. You don’t want to feel like you are taking photos all day long. If you are a more laid back couple who mostly want photojournalistic (aka candid) photos, then you might not opt in for a first look because you don’t need or want those extra bride and groom shots! More time to relax before the ceremony!

candids are the best!

Still uncertain what you should do? See where your answers stack up with this short, easy quiz!