Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding || Hannah + Alex

I got to meet Alex and Hannah for coffee a few months before their wedding day (this past Saturday!) and they instantly felt like long time friends. We chatted about how they had met: as tour guides at college and they told me how friends joked that one day they walked backwards into one another while giving a tour. ha! I loved that they road on a Vespa to meet me and when we left from the meeting, we passed each other and Hannah had the biggest, sweetest smile in the world while hugging onto Alex. You’ll see it a lot in these photos of their day…she has the kind of smile that lights everything up wherever she goes. Alex is such a kind soul and thanked me frequently throughout the day. It made me feel even more honored to be there. What a joyful day this was and I’m totally going to overshare their wedding photos because I had too many favorites. I’m so happy for these two!

Jessica LumpkinComment