Meredith + Jared || Petal, MS Wedding

When I met up with Meredith and Jared in Hattiestburg for coffee months before the wedding, I knew we were going to be a good fit for one another. Meredith was so kind to take time out of her crazy busy pre-med schedule to meet with me and Jared met up with us after leaving his research lab.  Yeah, a tad intimidating, but these two are so down to earth and kind they don’t let on to how brilliant they are.  Anyways, Meredith was planning a simple, elegant wedding with a few simple rustic details.   I loved that she loved natural, candid photography.  I adore capturing details and all the pretty things that weddings have, but I get really excited when someone tells me they really want me to capture moments. 

And there were plenty of sweet, sweet moments during their day.   Meredith was such a laid back bride as she was getting her hair and makeup done and the room was filled with laughter and the smell of chik-fil-a.  Soon after we did a first look with her dad, which when you see the photos I think you’ll have a hard time not smiling.  Such a sweet connection these two have.  Afterwards Jared and Meredith chose to have a first look under an insanely beautiful large oak tree on the property at Roseoak.  I was smitten.  There was so much joy at the ceremony as they exchanged vows in a beautiful natural setting. 

My absolute favorite part of the day was when Meredith and Jared snuck away with me for a few minutes from the reception.  The light was starting to get really pretty so we took about 15 minutes away to let them get the chance to be with one another by themselves and get some beautiful photos.  Sometimes the only time you’ll be alone during the wedding is when you are shooting your portraits with me.  So by all means we can plan a few times of bride and groom portraits, especially if the light is prettier during your reception! 


Venue:  Venue at Roseoak

Makeup Artist:  Allie Lee from Blush Salon

Hair Stylist: Allie Lee from Blush Salon

Florist:  University Florist

Caterer: Katy’s Catering

DJ:  Nightshift Sound