Alexis + Tommy || Long Beach, MS Wedding


As I get to know a couple, I usually start envisioning their wedding day months before it even happens. In discussing their upcoming day, I love seeing their eyes light up as they tell me about what aspects are most important to them. Tommy and Alexis' wedding was everything and more than what I had pictured in my head. These two are some of the most free spirited, adventurous people I've ever met, which I love. When you are around them it makes you want to take a really spontaneous road trip to somewhere really random, because you know it's just the traveling together that will make it fun. Their energy is just so contagious that I knew their big day would be really joyful and lighthearted. On top of their charismatic nature, they are deeply devoted to their family and friends; so I expected a lot of sincere celebrating with lots of loved ones. Oh and did I mention, music? Thier love for music has been a huge part of their relationship, especially since Tommy is a musician and many of their memories involve concerts. These two even got engaged while in Florida at a concert - awesome!

So putting that all together created a really gleeful, exuberant day, filled with lots of laughter from the people who love them and incredible music curated to tie each note of the night together. Tommy's band, Something's Up, played at their reception and Tommy even got on bass towards the end of the night. I think this was my first wedding where the bride rocked out with a tambourine as well. It was a great night to say the least.  

Venue:  St. Thomas Church, Long Beach, MS 

Wedding Planner:  After The Proposal

Makeup Artist:  Mallory Fitzgerald 

Florist: After the Proposal

Caterer: Taste

Band:  Something's Up

Wedding Cake:  Torta Dolce

Groom's Cake:  JJ Foley

These photos still make my heart happy for these two...