Alyssa || New Orleans, LA Bridal Session

I adore bridal sessions.  I love getting to focus completely on the bride and give her the chance to relish wearing her dress before the big day.  It’s also great for the bride because she gets the chance to do a trial run with her makeup artist and hair stylist. Yay for both of us! 

This session with Alyssa was especially wonderful for lots of reasons. We chose a location that was special to Alyssa: the Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans, which was where she and John were going to have their reception. Also, Alyssa and John are lovers of the water so it was great to get to incorporate some of that scenery in her session. I adored that Alyssa was able to bring her mother’s fur coat to the session; it was the same fur coat that she wore the day she married Alyssa’s dad. This was especially important for Alyssa as her beautiful mom had passed away while she was in college. I love that we were able to make her mom a part of the session and you can just see how Alyssa lit up wearing her mom’s coat.

To top all that off, the light was absolutely gorgeous and I adored Alyssa’s very natural and classic style for her makeup and hair!  

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