Laurel + Daniel || Gulfport, MS Wedding

Northern California guy falls in love with Southern Mississippi girl. . .and what you get is one amazing couple and a really fun wedding.  Laurel and Daniel met in Nashville and live there now.  But Laurel grew up in Gulfport, MS and so they planned their wedding for down here from Nashville.  They might win most charismatic couple of the year, as you'll see from the wedding images.  They are the kind of couple that just draws people to them. Besides being really fun, they are also super generous.  I actually received TWO gifts from them the day I shot their wedding.  Who does that?!  Well these two do, and I'm so honored that I got to be there to capture their day.  Huge shoutout to these amazing vendors who made their day perfect:

Wedding Planner:  Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Flowers:  Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Makeup:  Jackie Merlau

Hair:  Erin Glisson

Caterer: Gulfport Yacht Club

DJ:  Marcel Lanoux, Nightshift Sounds Entertainment