Katie + Brandon || Long Beach, MS Wedding

If you've ever gotten married, or been in a wedding, or even just watched a movie about a wedding, you know that weddings can be intense.   You are basically packing like 40 hours of activities into one 8 hour period.  There are so many small logistical details that have to work out perfectly for the day to go off without a hitch.  One way to help you enjoy the most of your day is to a hire a wedding planner (they are amazing!).  Another way is to work in small elements that make the day more personal and meaningful.  Because seriously, with getting your hair done, trying to remember where you put the cake cutter, and helping out of town relatives find the venue, you can just get caught up in the whirlwind of activity and forget what the day is really about.   Before you know it, it's all over.  I really loved the sweet things that Katie and Brandon did to make their day more personal and memorable.  Katie chose to do a First Look with her bridesmaids and then also her father.  I know that First Looks are really popular these days, but many of my brides love the tradition of having the groom see them the first time as they are walking down the aisle. I respect that and I don't ever pressure my brides into doing a First Look.  But I think from now on I'm going to suggest that brides do a First Look with their bridal party and/or their father.  So thanks so much, Katie, for giving me that idea!  It was also great to capture both Katie and Brandon reading their letters to one another.  My second shooter, Britneye, has such an amazing eye and captured Katie watching Brandon reading her letter (while I was capturing Brandon!).  

Katie and Brandon also happened to get married on Katie's parent's anniversary!   It ended up being the best date for them to get married and happened to be her parent's anniversary. So as a surprise to them, Katie had a cake made for them for them to cut.   I know, I know. . . so sweet and thoughtful!  Katie's that kind of bride (and daughter and friend!).  Just an amazing day all around, and I know that these two are loving being husband and wife now!

Shoutout to these vendors, who are fantastic every time I work with them! So thankful to be surrounded by so much talent!

Second Shooter:  Britneye Ladner

Wedding Planner:  Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Flowers:  Jean McGrury, After the Proposal

Makeup: Mallory Fitzgerald

Hair:  Erin Glisson

Caterer: Naomi's Catering

DJ:  Marcel Lanoux, Nightshift Sounds Entertainment