Pauline + Dave || Married

This wedding was full of so much goodness, I really don't know where to start.  It had so much love. . .and joy. . .and tears (of joy). . .and a whole heck of a lot of style.  Totally winning combination in my book!  Pauline started out getting ready at her parents' house, which was beautifully decorated in preparation for the reception later that evening.  There was so much excitement and anticipation. . .I think Pauline felt like she was going to burst from the excitement.  I loved it.  She was inspired by a Priscilla Presley meets Downton Abbey wedding and her blush mixed with metallics color scheme was stunning.  I loved her vision: it was unique and elegant and beautiful.  And anytime there are succulents around, I get giddy.

Pauline walked down the aisle to Dave to the tune of Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah played on the violin.  The stained glass light speckled chapel was perfect for their intimate wedding (and the light was out of this world, my friends).  And it was the first first kiss that I witnessed where the bride's veil came off, it was that amazing.  

After taking a few formal photos as the sun was setting, everyone headed back to Pauline's folks' house where they were served Sal & Mookie's chicken parmesan and shrimp alfredo for dinner.  You know the food is going to be amazing when you walk in and you smell roasted garlic!  Smore's and sangria was also served.   There was a lot of laughter and chatter. . .until the guitars came out.  Then there was a lot of emotion; tears of joy from family and friends for the beautiful new start for Dave & Pauline.  Coincidentally, both Pauline's father and Dave's mom are incredibly talented singers and guitarists.  Dave's mom played a song that she wrote for the new husband and wife, and then she sang "Danny's Song."  Pauline's dad sang "What a Wonderful World"  and then some amazing blues.  

You guys, it was amazing.  I'm so glad I met this couple and am planning to be friends for years to come.  Biggest congrats to this beautiful couple!


Makeup:  Mallory Fitzgerald

Hair:  Chuck Kelley Salon, Gulfport

Florals:  Cardinal Flowers

Cake:  Melissa's Specialty Cakes

Caterer: Mary Robinson

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