Summer Travels || Personal Blog Post

Last month was a bit of a lull for me business wise, so I scheduled a last minute trip.   I try to visit Northern California at least once a year, since I have high school and college friends that I like to go catch up with.   It's also inspiring for me to get to shoot somewhere different (and so beautiful!).   Last year I was pregnant and trying to balance photography with working at Starbucks, and also all the amazing things that go along with being pregnant (and not so amazing things, like morning sickness, fatigue, etc).  So this year I was totally ready to go on a short adventure with my new little man!  (Sadly my big man couldn't go because of work. . .boo.)

I was pretty excited about flying with Will.  I loved the idea of striking out on my own and seeing how it was to travel by myself with him.  Having grown up as a military brat, traveling is in my bones, and I want to make it a part of motherhood for me as well.  I want to teach my children to always crave adventure, no matter how big or small!

Here are just a few images from my trip.  I took a lot more during the family sessions I had while there, but I thought it would be nice to do a more personal post (my first one on this new site!).  These shots are from a trip we took to Monterey. . .the coldest place you'll ever spend a summer.  I love the misty Northern California coast, and wanted to capture some of the beauty of the area.  Hope you enjoy!

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