Karishma + Owen || Biloxi, MS Wedding

When I first met with Karishma and Owen at the Cat Island Coffee Shop over a year ago, I remember thinking that their wedding sounded too good to be true and how in the world would I get to be the one to capture it?  I was pretty over-the-moon excited when they decided to book with me.   And now, looking back at this wedding, I kind of feel like, "Was I really there?  Did this really happen?!"  But it did!  And I have proof!

Their love story is really fun, and really beautiful.  It's one of those love stories that makes you chuckle (just wait till you hear how they met), but also shows you how strong love really is and how it can defy time and being separated by continents.  Owen is in the military, and many of his assignments take him overseas.  He first met Karishma at a briefing at a US Embassy.  Karishma was the one doing the speaking. . .and Owen was the guy who forgot his pen.  He had to ask her to borrow one, and she may have chastised him for it.  So her first impression of him was that he didn't have it all together (who goes to an Embassy briefing without a pen?).  And his first impression of her was that she was intense and outspoken.  They happened to run into one another later that evening while they were both out with friends.  Owen got to see an entirely different side of Karishma.  That besides being a bit of a firecracker, she's incredibly playful, fun, and kind.  And he was smitten from then on.  (And she was too, so somehow he redeemed himself!)

When I met up with them, they were planning their wedding for almost a year out, but where also still in a bit of a time crunch.  Owen was about to deploy for an extended amount of time.  When I say that their love defies time, I mean they have gone through 3 years combined of deployments.  And only seeing each other 3-4 weeks during each of those years.  Oh man.  It makes my pregnant self teary-eyed.  After their engagement session, Owen left for deployment and Karishma did one of the things she does best: she worked hard.  She worked on planning all the intricate details of their wedding and she also worked at Owen's family's wedding rental company (Apex Party Rentals).  And she counted down the days till Owen returned.  I can't imagine how hard that must have been.  

Their wedding day was such an incredible celebration.  So many beautiful details came right into place (like the wedding clothes that were handmade in India and carried by Karishma's mom onto the plane!).  Karishma has always dreamt of a beach wedding, but the weather leading up to their wedding weekend was atrocious.  Even the day of the wedding, we weren't sure if a wedding on the beach would be feasible!  But the sun came out beautifully that morning and dried up all the water that had pooled up where their ceremony was supposed to take place.  Beyond all the stunning details (and amaaazing Indian food. . .much of which was made at the hotel by Karishma's mom!), Karishma and Owen's focus was on the family and friends that were there to celebrate.  People came from literally all over the world!   It was a beautiful wedding and family and friend reunion rolled into one!

Karishma and Owen, you two are amazing and I am so honored that I got to be the one to capture your day!

Incredible vendors:

Second Shooter:  My Seymour Photography

Rental Company: Apex Party Rentals

Hair & Makeup:  Makeup by Ashley

Catering:  Orchid Indian Restaurant

DJ:  P & I Productions (Elivs Ta)

Cake:  Fleur De Lis Bakery  

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