Britnee + Scott are engaged!

I loved the first email I ever received from Britnee.  It was so warm and friendly and she immediately dived in with her and Scott's story.  I'm a sucker for a good love story, so I was already drawn to them from the get go!  She told me all about their personalities (down to earth mainly, woohoo!) and how important photography was for her day.  She also mentioned that I shot her cousin's wedding and she loved how quickly and easily I was able to get through the family formal photos (so yeah, a not-so-humble-brag to include this fact, but every photographer has certain things they pride themselves on!).  She comes from a large family and I know how crazy the formals can get when you have massive groups of people.  I was a cheerleader (ok, for a year in junior high) and learned how to make my voice carry in a crowd.  Life is just so much easier for your brides when you get a little loud at times, mmkay?!

We met up for coffee to discuss the specifics of booking with me and I left feeling like I had just hung out with the sweetest person alive.  Britnee truly and genuinely is such a kind soul and makes you feel like a friend from the get go.  I was excited to meet Scott, and knew he had to be pretty fantastic as well, and I wasn't disappointed.  These two are kind of like fire and ice.  Britnee could light up a room with her smile and disposition. . .and Scott has the best dry sense of humor ever so they are a great combination.  He told me that he's not a smiley person, so it was a fun challenge to get some genuine smiles from him.  I love when people just tell me how it is. . .if you aren't a crazy smiley person, don't feel like you need to be for me!  But as you'll see, he has a great smile and I think their photos turned out beautifully.  I'm also happy that we got to feature Scott's awesome WWF belt buckle in a few of the shots towards the end of the shoot.  It was a gift from Britnee and she gives him a little bit of a hard time for wearing it a lot.  It was a cute moment for sure when she showed it to me.  

These two are fantastic and have such a fun way about them!  I can't wait for their day next June! 

Jessica Lumpkin2 Comments