Carly + Kenneth are engaged!

Excuse me while I wax poetic for a moment.  I loved photography the minute I googled, "World's best wedding photographers."  I'm not sure what made me google that, but I was sitting at the desk at the dental office I was working at and all of the patients were gone for the day.  Plus I had just shot my first wedding ever totally out of the blue (my coworker convinced me to shoot her daughter's!) and I wanted to see how "real" wedding photography looked.  And I was literally blown away.  It was like a whole new world was opened up for me.  So now, 5 years later, I can honestly say that I love it more than I ever have!  And really it goes waaay beyond trying to take pretty photos.  I do love pretty photos, but as I've gotten to know my clients and their stories, I find that I fall in love with the people and their stories more and more.  If I was just in it for taking pretty photos, I'm not sure I would still be doing this 5 years later.  I do love photography itself, but it's my amazing clients that push me to further my skills and learn how to serve them to the best of my ability!

All of that to say, Kenneth and Carly's story is so much fun.  I really don't think love gets better than when it's a long friendship that turns into something more.  Well in this instance, it started out as a work relationship, turned friendship, turned love.  These two are both nurses and Kenneth was actually Carly's supervisor for 3 years before they started dating (Carly confessed that she found Kenneth attractive the very first day she met him!).  The day he left that position for another, is the day they started dating!  I can see why they are the perfect match for one another. . .both are incredibly smart, have a great sense of humor, are adventurous, but also like just melting into the couch together and watching Netflix, ok and they both have amaaazing smiles.  They were amazing to hang out with and photograph.  I can't wait for their wedding next May!  

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