Liz + Kevin || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding

Ok, so not going to lie, my stomach was in absolute knots the morning of Kevin and Liz's wedding.  My phone would not stop going off with different weather alerts.  Usually rain on a wedding day doesn't phase me.  I love the challenge of creating beautiful portraits in whatever situation I am faced with!  But getting reports of potential tornadoes and flash flooding definitely made me nervous.  Liz, on the other hand, was completely unphased. We had been texting that week and she knew the weather reports were bad. She kept assuring me that she wasn't stressed in the least and was just excited to marry Kevin!  Once I showed up to capture her getting ready, I knew that she was totally telling the truth.  This girl wasn't going to let anything rain on her parade (pun intended!).   She even let me take her dress outside while there was thunder booming closer and closer to us.  I'll never forget how the sky practically opened up while we were trying to shoot some relaxed photos of Liz and her girls in their robes.  Even Dex, Liz and Kevin's dog, was running for cover.

I'm sure that Liz's sunny personality was one of the first thing Kevin noticed about her when they met in Atlanta in 2014.  Liz was there visiting a friend while checking out a few cities that could potentially be her new home.  She noticed an adorable golden retriever puppy playing in her friend Katherine's yard, and by the end of the night, she and his owner were spending a lot of time together.  Fast forward 4 years, and now Liz is marrying the cute dog owner. ;)  

Liz and Kevin, I couldn't have been more honored to capture your day!  

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