Natalie + Zach || New Orleans, LA Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to Natalie and Zach’s day ever since I shot their engagement session over the summer!  Natalie had sent me some inspiration photos beforehand, and I instantly fell in love with what she had in mind.  I get downright giddy when I see that my clients love photos that capture  moments, rather than poses.  Dare I use the word “candid”?!  Btw, because I’m a word nerd I looked up the definition of candid.  I actually love the non-photography related definition: “free from reservation, sincere.”   It’s a given that any wedding photography will have lots of posed shots, but I want my clients to look through their photos and see plenty of shots with lots of heart and soul and off-the-cuff moments!  Natalie trusted me 100% throughout the wedding to capture all the joy and beauty on her day, and I couldn't be more honored. 

Ok, now that I’ve gotten all philosophical on the blog post, off to the photos of this beautiful couple’s day!  Oh, and and if you make it to the end, check out the link to Natalie and Zach's gorgeous wedding day teaser from Bower Productions!  

Second Photographer:  Lauryn Atwood, L. Atwood Photography 

Bridal preparation:  Windsor Court Hotel

Ceremony: St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

Hair:  Beth Washington, Carpe Diem Boutique Salon

Makeup:  Sarah Walsh

Videography:  Bower Productions

Flowers: Pick-a-Petal

Cake:  La Louisiane Bakery

Wedding Planner:  Laren Hill

Natalie + Zach's wedding day video teaser:  Click here