Pass Christian, MS || After Wedding Inspiration Shoot

A few months ago I reached out to Kaelan about the possibility of her and her husband, Daniel, doing a shoot with me. Just for fun. Actually, just for me. If you’re a creative, and you create professionally, it’s so easy to forget that you really need to refresh yourself from time to time! It took me awhile to decide what direction to take this shoot. Kaelan and Daniel got married in the mountains about a year ago, and their photos are literally some of the most beautiful wedding photos I’ve ever seen. At first I was going to just shoot in a downtown space, because I wanted to give them something different from their wedding photos, and besides, there was no way I could EVER top those. But as I was driving around the day before, I realized that I really truly needed to shoot in places that inspired me. Lately that has been places that look a little beaten down, beautifully weathered, and also in the earthy and rugged places. I’m so grateful for these two for sharing their Saturday morning with me! Also, huge shoutout to The French Potager for the absolutely beautiful bouquet!

Something I love about this first set is that you can almost feel the heat in them. There’s something romantic to me about being out in the dead heat of summer. Maybe because the best times of your life as a kiddo are during those long hot days of summer, when there’s no responsibility on you except to just enjoy living. It’s kinda like young love.

Next we headed to the beach. I’ve been wanting to shoot in the full sun at the beach for a good while now, and the images we got were pretty much what I’ve been envisioning.

Kaelan, you are beyond stunning!

Next we went to a green spot that I’ve been eyeing. The white flowers in the background are called “Queen Anne’s Lace” and I seriously never noticed them until we took a roadtrip to Michigan last summer, and they were everywhere in Indiana and Michigan. Now I see them all the over here!

And then this porch just spoke to me. (Is it called a stoop? Let’s call it that instead…) What’s more southern and summery than sitting on a front porch?

This last location is what really convinced me to change the shoot from a downtown location, to out off the beaten path. This spot caught my eye as I was driving and I just knew I needed to shoot here.

I can’t thank these two beautiful souls enough for taking this little adventure with me and I’m so thankful to know them. <3