Destiny + Chandler || Jackson, MS Wedding

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Destiny + Chandler || Jackson, MS Wedding

Destiny and Chandler's wedding was such a breath of fresh air.  The mood of their day was joyful, lighthearted, and celebratory, but was also punctuated by very meaningful moments of profound awareness of just how important this event was.  From the moment I got there, I knew that this day was going to be so much fun and beautiful.  I loved that Chandler made Destiny a video to watch while she was getting ready. . .expressing how excited he was to get to be her husband and for their journey ahead.  He even included a blooper version as well!  (Good job going above and beyond to make your bride feel cherished and loved Chandler!)

The bride and groom got ready in separate areas of their venue, which made it really easy to take most of the bridal party and family formals before the ceremony (even without doing a first look!).  The Ice House in Jackson is a great place if you are looking for a venue that has that as an option. 

A few other details that I really loved about Destiny and Chandler's day:

-Destiny's bouquet was inspired by paint chip colors that Destiny brought to her florist.  Instead of showing her a photos of flowers that she wanted, Destiny had specific colors in mind that she wanted.  I never realized how gorgeous burnt orange and yellow looked with blush pink and light purple.  Her bouquet had so much texture, it really was a work of art.

-Chandler and Destiny chose to have their bridal party surround them for prayer during the ceremony.  It was a really powerful moment.  These two really love Jesus and their whole ceremony was a beautiful act of worship.  

-Chandler and his mom had the best surprise dance for Destiny and the guests.  I've seen a lot of father/daughter choreographed dances, but never the groom and his mom!  Destiny and her bridesmaids answered back with an equally fun dance.  

I'm so so honored to have gotten to know these two during their engagement and also to have been the one to capture all the joy of their day!  

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Carly + Kenneth are engaged!


Carly + Kenneth are engaged!

Excuse me while I wax poetic for a moment.  I loved photography the minute I googled, "World's best wedding photographers."  I'm not sure what made me google that, but I was sitting at the desk at the dental office I was working at and all of the patients were gone for the day.  Plus I had just shot my first wedding ever totally out of the blue (my coworker convinced me to shoot her daughter's!) and I wanted to see how "real" wedding photography looked.  And I was literally blown away.  It was like a whole new world was opened up for me.  So now, 5 years later, I can honestly say that I love it more than I ever have!  And really it goes waaay beyond trying to take pretty photos.  I do love pretty photos, but as I've gotten to know my clients and their stories, I find that I fall in love with the people and their stories more and more.  If I was just in it for taking pretty photos, I'm not sure I would still be doing this 5 years later.  I do love photography itself, but it's my amazing clients that push me to further my skills and learn how to serve them to the best of my ability!

All of that to say, Kenneth and Carly's story is so much fun.  I really don't think love gets better than when it's a long friendship that turns into something more.  Well in this instance, it started out as a work relationship, turned friendship, turned love.  These two are both nurses and Kenneth was actually Carly's supervisor for 3 years before they started dating (Carly confessed that she found Kenneth attractive the very first day she met him!).  The day he left that position for another, is the day they started dating!  I can see why they are the perfect match for one another. . .both are incredibly smart, have a great sense of humor, are adventurous, but also like just melting into the couch together and watching Netflix, ok and they both have amaaazing smiles.  They were amazing to hang out with and photograph.  I can't wait for their wedding next May!  


Britnee + Scott are engaged!


Britnee + Scott are engaged!

I loved the first email I ever received from Britnee.  It was so warm and friendly and she immediately dived in with her and Scott's story.  I'm a sucker for a good love story, so I was already drawn to them from the get go!  She told me all about their personalities (down to earth mainly, woohoo!) and how important photography was for her day.  She also mentioned that I shot her cousin's wedding and she loved how quickly and easily I was able to get through the family formal photos (so yeah, a not-so-humble-brag to include this fact, but every photographer has certain things they pride themselves on!).  She comes from a large family and I know how crazy the formals can get when you have massive groups of people.  I was a cheerleader (ok, for a year in junior high) and learned how to make my voice carry in a crowd.  Life is just so much easier for your brides when you get a little loud at times, mmkay?!

We met up for coffee to discuss the specifics of booking with me and I left feeling like I had just hung out with the sweetest person alive.  Britnee truly and genuinely is such a kind soul and makes you feel like a friend from the get go.  I was excited to meet Scott, and knew he had to be pretty fantastic as well, and I wasn't disappointed.  These two are kind of like fire and ice.  Britnee could light up a room with her smile and disposition. . .and Scott has the best dry sense of humor ever so they are a great combination.  He told me that he's not a smiley person, so it was a fun challenge to get some genuine smiles from him.  I love when people just tell me how it is. . .if you aren't a crazy smiley person, don't feel like you need to be for me!  But as you'll see, he has a great smile and I think their photos turned out beautifully.  I'm also happy that we got to feature Scott's awesome WWF belt buckle in a few of the shots towards the end of the shoot.  It was a gift from Britnee and she gives him a little bit of a hard time for wearing it a lot.  It was a cute moment for sure when she showed it to me.  

These two are fantastic and have such a fun way about them!  I can't wait for their day next June! 


Karishma + Owen || Biloxi, MS Wedding


Karishma + Owen || Biloxi, MS Wedding

When I first met with Karishma and Owen at the Cat Island Coffee Shop over a year ago, I remember thinking that their wedding sounded too good to be true and how in the world would I get to be the one to capture it?  I was pretty over-the-moon excited when they decided to book with me.   And now, looking back at this wedding, I kind of feel like, "Was I really there?  Did this really happen?!"  But it did!  And I have proof!

Their love story is really fun, and really beautiful.  It's one of those love stories that makes you chuckle (just wait till you hear how they met), but also shows you how strong love really is and how it can defy time and being separated by continents.  Owen is in the military, and many of his assignments take him overseas.  He first met Karishma at a briefing at a US Embassy.  Karishma was the one doing the speaking. . .and Owen was the guy who forgot his pen.  He had to ask her to borrow one, and she may have chastised him for it.  So her first impression of him was that he didn't have it all together (who goes to an Embassy briefing without a pen?).  And his first impression of her was that she was intense and outspoken.  They happened to run into one another later that evening while they were both out with friends.  Owen got to see an entirely different side of Karishma.  That besides being a bit of a firecracker, she's incredibly playful, fun, and kind.  And he was smitten from then on.  (And she was too, so somehow he redeemed himself!)

When I met up with them, they were planning their wedding for almost a year out, but where also still in a bit of a time crunch.  Owen was about to deploy for an extended amount of time.  When I say that their love defies time, I mean they have gone through 3 years combined of deployments.  And only seeing each other 3-4 weeks during each of those years.  Oh man.  It makes my pregnant self teary-eyed.  After their engagement session, Owen left for deployment and Karishma did one of the things she does best: she worked hard.  She worked on planning all the intricate details of their wedding and she also worked at Owen's family's wedding rental company (Apex Party Rentals).  And she counted down the days till Owen returned.  I can't imagine how hard that must have been.  

Their wedding day was such an incredible celebration.  So many beautiful details came right into place (like the wedding clothes that were handmade in India and carried by Karishma's mom onto the plane!).  Karishma has always dreamt of a beach wedding, but the weather leading up to their wedding weekend was atrocious.  Even the day of the wedding, we weren't sure if a wedding on the beach would be feasible!  But the sun came out beautifully that morning and dried up all the water that had pooled up where their ceremony was supposed to take place.  Beyond all the stunning details (and amaaazing Indian food. . .much of which was made at the hotel by Karishma's mom!), Karishma and Owen's focus was on the family and friends that were there to celebrate.  People came from literally all over the world!   It was a beautiful wedding and family and friend reunion rolled into one!

Karishma and Owen, you two are amazing and I am so honored that I got to be the one to capture your day!

Incredible vendors:

Second Shooter:  My Seymour Photography

Rental Company: Apex Party Rentals

Hair & Makeup:  Makeup by Ashley

Catering:  Orchid Indian Restaurant

DJ:  P & I Productions (Elivs Ta)

Cake:  Fleur De Lis Bakery  


How to have the best engagement session ever!


How to have the best engagement session ever!

I realize the title of this blog post is a pretty tall order.  Usually the engagement session happens pretty soon after you book your wedding photographer, while you're still trying to iron out all the details of your wedding, and possibly starting to feel the stress of it all.  I sometimes get requests from couples to take the engagement session out of their package, for multiple reasons, but I strongly suspect that a big reason is that they just don't want to have to worry about having one more thing on their to-do list with wedding planning.  I get it!  I promise I do!  It may just seem like more decisions on your all ready full plate of things to do (Where do we go?  What do I wear? Will this be even be worth it?) Hopefully these few tips will help set your mind at ease and maybe even convince you that an engagement session is actually the perfect way to take a break from all the planning.  And actually, if we do it right, it will feel like the best date the two of you have ever had!

TIP #1:  Location, location, location: where do you feel most "yourselves"?  

I think a lot of people have this idea that to have amazing photos, they need some spectacular backdrop (yep, I drool over the mountain top engagement sessions too!).  Yes, pretty locations are awesome, but I'm not Ansel Adams so I'm not out there to shoot the best landscapes I can.  I am there to capture you two and all the wonderful, unique things about you, so let's actually go to where you feel most "at home."  Wherever you are most comfortable is where you will really look and feel the best!

A few ideas to get the brain juices flowing: where would you two go if you had a free day all to yourselves?  Would you hit up a local hiking trail?  Would you explore a cute downtown area together?  If you feel most comfortable getting lost in the bustle of the big city, let's go!  Or think about places that have significant sentimental meaning to both of you.  Did he propose at the the beach?  

Angel and James are lovers of the outdoors.  I loved the coziness of this shoot!

Katie and Brad's favorite place is the Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans.  I kind of cringed when I saw the line to get in that Saturday (it was a 30 minute wait!). But dodging the crowd was so worth it and actually tons of fun.  I think we laughed half the time we were shooting!

TIP #2:  What NOT to wear. . . basically whatever everyone else is in their photos.

Ok, I'm going to go a little against the grain with this one.  I don't recommend jumping right onto Pinterest and checking out what everyone else is wearing in their photos.  I would even go as far to say don't go out and buy new outfits.  Why not wear what you guys would wear on your normal date night?  (But if getting a new outfit would make you happy, treat yo' self!)  Just don't feel like you need to wear the same super girly, long, flowy floral dress you see on all the photography blogs (unless that's totally you!).  Again, you guys will look and feel your best with something you are comfortable in!  Also, feel free to text or email me photos of what you are thinking of wearing.  In case you need some extra reassurance. 

(Bonus tip:  Most couples wear two outfits for their engagement session!  Usually the first outfit is more casual, and the second outfit is a little more dressy.)

TIP #3:  What to do with your hands. . .

how about, "forget about them!"  This is actually my favorite tip and I think it will be yours too!  I think we all know what it's like to feel awkward while having your photo taken.  I would say 80% of my clients mention to me at some point, "I'm not good in front of the camera."  And then, honestly, I get excited because I know that after 20 minutes, we are all going to loosen up and have a blast!  (I'm a nervous ball of energy the first 20 minutes too. . .just to be honest.  I love that I never stop having that "butterflies in my stomach" feeling before shoots!)  I'll have some tricks up my sleeve to help you guys loosen up, and hopefully forget that the camera is even there.  I'll give you some gentle direction on posing, but for the most part, I'll have simple actions for you guys to do that are fun and really bring our your personalities.  Because when it comes down to it, we aren't there to capture your outfits, or the location, but really how amazing you two are together!  So how your mom told you a million times growing up, "it's the inside that counts". . .it really is true and that's what I'm trying to capture in this session.  It could be how he makes you laugh like no one else. . .or how you make all his worries disappear when you're around just by being yourself.  That's the good stuff.  That's the stuff that matters.

Here are a few of my clients being just having fun together.  I have a few more tips after these!

Here are a few more suggestions to make this experience the best!

4.  Try to make a day out of the shoot.  The shoot will only be for a few hours, but I suggest planning to do something fun beforehand (go grab a cup of coffee just to unwind, or watch your favorite show on Netflix), or afterwards (dinner!) just to really make the day something you look forward to!

5.  Hair and makeup or no?  This is totally up to you!  Some my brides do a trial run for their makeup the day of the shoot and then get their hair done.  It just takes some of the pressure off of you and it's nice to be a little pampered beforehand.  This is totally not necessary though, you are beautiful as you are!  

6.  Fill out my questionnaire!  I'll be sending a short questionnaire your way about a month before the shoot.  This helps me prep for the shoot and get to know the two of you a little more.  If you can fill it out together, it makes it even better!


Emily + Jim || Long Beach, MS Wedding


Emily + Jim || Long Beach, MS Wedding

I just might say that Emily and Jim's day restored my belief in fairy tales.  Because really, their wedding day felt just as beautiful and magical.  But in this story, the princess was crazy smart and completed her PhD around the same time she was planning a wedding.  She also didn't need a prince to come and save her, but he showed his love in the best way. . .by driving hours and hours and proposing by her hospital bedside after she was in a head on collision.  And in the end she still got to wear an insanely beautiful dress adorned with beaded flowers that was perfect for twirling (especially to classic rock at her reception).  

I didn't get a lot of time to get to know this couple, as they currently live in Iowa. But I loved getting to chat with them over beignets a few days before the wedding. Neither seemed crazy nervous, just calm and ready to make this amazing commitment.   And same can be said the day of their wedding!  Everything flowed so beautifully and even though it felt like the hottest day of the year, everyone was totally game for shooting outside in the beautiful natural light!  The light was seriously so beautiful for us that day.  Add on to having an incredible group of family and friends surrounding them with so much love, joy, and laughter that day, it really felt like the perfect wedding day.  

Thank you Emily and Jim for trusting me completely to capture your day!

The amazing vendors:

Second Shooter:  Lauryn with L. Atwood Photography

Hair + Makeup:  Chuck Kelly Salon

Caterer:  Simply Seafood & Catering

DJ:  Nightshift Sounds Entertainment



Katelyn + Michael || New Orleans, LA Wedding


Katelyn + Michael || New Orleans, LA Wedding

What happens when you are trying to create a sneak peek and it turns into 100 images?  You move it over to your blog!  Actually, maybe I'll start doing this from now on?!  I can't usually help myself from editing my favorite images from the day right after the wedding. . .

So the first time I chatted on the phone with Katelyn I remember thinking, "wow, this girl really has her stuff together!"  She asked the best questions, was very to the point, and I think also knowing that she worked for a professional basketball team (the Pelicans!) was pretty impressive to me as well (ok, being honest here!).  I'm always a little nervous before engagement sessions, and just having this amazing first impression of Katelyn, maybe a little more so than usual.  It's like a first date. . .will they like me, will it be awkward, what if I accidentally hold their hand (ok, not the last one, but it's a funny thought)?   The minute I met her and Michael, I instantly felt comfortable.  They literally had me laughing from beginning to end and they are both so down to earth!  I think these are just a few reasons that they were so amazing to work with and their day was seriously incredible!  Katelyn was so detail oriented that the whole day just flowed wonderfully, but she's also incredibly down to earth and kind.   I felt like I was honestly hanging out with friends the whole day!  

As you'll see, Katelyn and Michael's wedding was a wonderful mix of elegance, tradition, quirkiness, and exuberation (and that last one is not a word, but it shows up in Urban Dictionary?!).  I was swooning over Katelyn's beautiful, custom-made wedding gown, and Michael looked so handsome in his classic black tux.  I couldn't believe how calm both of them were right before the ceremony.  They were each just ready to marry their best friend.   Michael's first look of Katelyn coming down the aisle was a beautiful moment to capture and it was like no one else existed in that church at that moment!   After a beautiful ceremony, everyone met outside for an exuberant second line to the reception.  The rest of the night was just as amazing!  I hope this couple loves these images as much as I do! 

Biggest thanks to my amazing second shooter, Lisa cooke!  

Amazing vendors:

Church:  Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church

Reception Venue/Getting ready:  The Roosevelt Hotel

Hair + Makeup: Verde Beauty Studio

Videographer:  Ashley Marks Media

Florist:  Beth's Flowers

Wedding Dress and Veil:  Wedding Belles Nola

Tuxedo:  Men's Wearhouse

Caterer:  Zoe's Kitchen

Live Event Painter:  Pappion Artistry

Band:  Louisiana Spice


Summer Travels || Personal Blog Post


Summer Travels || Personal Blog Post

I think I might be a closet adrenaline junky.  By looking at my life, you would probably think the opposite. . .I'm very much a homebody most days and I usually like things to stay pretty mellow and safe in my life.  But some days I wake up with an itch to do something a little crazy.  And I think driving with a toddler all the way across the country might just qualify for that.  (Shouldn't I get some kind of a cool bumper sticker with a toddler silhouette and a 4,000 on it showing that I went that many miles with a toddler and managed not to lose my mind?!)  My mom reminded me today that she took me, my sister, and my brother (who was 6 months at the time!) on a week long bus tour of Italy when we were stationed in Germany.  I do remember some nights where we all slept on the bus as it drove.  So I think I come by it honest?!  But I can't imagine sleeping on a bus with a 6 month old. . .shudder.  She's amazing.  

All that to say, this trip was absolutely incredible.  I try to make it back to California at least once a year, because I get so homesick for it!  And this time I really wanted my husband to come with me.  For some selfish reasons (like helping me with a toddler), but also because I knew he would love it!  Which he absolutely did!  

Ok, before I get to the photos, I'll share a few things I learned about road tripping (especially with a toddler) . . .and if you're a bride, I have a sweet offer at the end of this blog post so make sure you pay attention at the end!!! 

1.  An 8 hour drive will be closer to 12 hours with a toddler.  

2.  You might have a whole heck of a lot of principles that go out the window for the sake of sanity when you're driving 12 hours a day ("Only 30 minutes of screen time a day", "Don't let your child eat an entire container of puffs in one sitting," etc.)

3.  Road tripping with a toddler will grow and strengthen your marriage. long as you are willing to apologize for things you said when you were hungry/tired/frustrated. 

4.  I have a whole new appreciation for vacationing.  I used to think it was a nice luxury, but I've realized it's more essential to our health/wellbeing than I ever realized!  We have to get out of our normal routine and make intentional time to just enjoy one another and life.  

5.  In N Out needs to come east.  Like yesterday.

Get ready for photo overload!  

Las Cruces, New Mexico

If you ever take the 1-10 route across the US, Las Cruces is a place you really should stop in.  My friend Juliana told me about it and I'm incredibly grateful because I don't think I had ever heard about this magical city before!

San Francisco  (Golden Gate Park, China Town) & Muir Woods

Ricky was especially excited about San Francisco.  I was excited, but also exhausted, as we had just got in from a 3 day, 40 hour trek, the evening before.  But I couldn't deny him experiencing the city! We started our day at "Tartine Bakery" after I read a VRBO blog that said it was one of the best bakeries in the world.  Not going to lie, the inside is really, really small (ie not toddler friendly) and having your toddler melt down in a teensy tiny cafe filled wall to wall with sophisticated urbanites and bearded hipsters was pretty awful.  The stink eye was strong with these ones.  However, their morning bun was literally out of this world good (and worth robbing a little peace from the city dwellers!).  After that, we took a (misty) walk through part of the Golden Gate park and Will enjoyed watching dogs and jumping in every puddle he could find.  Our day was concluded by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and visiting Muir Woods.

Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Lake Donner

This is actually the reason we came out to California!  To spend a sweet summer weekend with some of my college friends.  Well our sweet summer weekend turned into a cozy winter weekend as the temps stayed mostly in the 40s and 50s.  And on our second day there, we got to experience a little snowfall!  Oh yeah, if you go to Tahoe in June, you can expect snow from time to time.  Something else I learned.  

I have so missed these friends of mine.  I think the friendships forged in college are ones that really do last a lifetime.  It was fun to revisit college joys, pains, and awkwardness (most of it mine!) with them.  

PS Oh yeah, I did stop a group of Renaissance festival goers and asked them to hold my kid for a fun photo (and the awkwardness continues. . .) 

On our drive back near the San Bernadino mountains.  

You know you scored a keeper when you tell your husband you "saw the tree of your dreams 2 miles back and you can't stop thinking about it and you need to find a way to turn around on a busy 2 lane highway going 70 miles per hour both ways with hardly any shoulder because you'll always regret not taking a photo of this ONE tree!!!!" and he just smiles and lets you do your thing.  

Ok, to my sweet and wonderful brides (past and present). . .I'm not a landscape photographer by any means, but if you see a photo on here that inspires you, just shoot me a quick message (text, email, whatever) describing the photo and I'll print it and mail it to you!  You guys really are the best and inspire me everyday!!!!


Karli + BJ || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding


Karli + BJ || Bay St. Louis, MS Wedding

It all started with some meddling relatives.  Not your typical beginning of an epic love story, but trust me, this meddling worked out fabulously.  Neither of them were up for the blind date that Karli's Aunt and BJ's sister were trying to set up for them, so BJ got Karli's number and then waited.  He waited two whole months and then finally sent her a text.  The two sent texts for a few weeks and then decided to meet on their terms. . .over coffee.  Then that turned into dinner.  Which then turned into a picnic on the beach not long after.  And that's when they both knew. On their second date, they both realized that this was the person they wanted to spend their lives with.  But neither said anything until months later.  I'm getting chills just writing that.  

This wedding had so many unique personal touches on it, which made it so sweet and meaningful.  Karli's dad officiated the wedding, and had the loveliest words for the couple. Also, Karli is an amazing artist so I know she had a blast planning how the reception hall would be decorated.  It was a mix of natural elements like succulents and hanging ivy with pretty metallics.  The cake was also a work of art, made by Stephanie Crowe, and featured handmade greenery (that was all edible!) and 24k gold leaf detailing.   

I'm so so thankful that the rain decided to hold off for us for most of the day!  We got to take the majority of Karli and BJ's photos outside (which I loved her response when I asked if I could take the bridal party outside. . ."you already know the answer to that!").  It's amazing to get to work with a bride who just trusts you and wants you to have freedom to create what you envision!  I just adore these two and am so honored to have captured their day!

Amazing vendors:

Bride's hair and Makeup:  Daneel Chandler

Florist:  Pine Hills Floral

Caterer: Double S Coastal Catering & Wedding Services

DJ:  Nightshift Sounds Entertainment

Cake: Stephanie Crowe

Drapery:  Southern Event Productions


Randi + Marc || Hattiesburg, MS Wedding


Randi + Marc || Hattiesburg, MS Wedding

I have a weird admission: as much as I adored shooting Randi + Marc's wedding, my favorite part of being their wedding photographer has been my back and forth emails with Randi.  Please don't get me wrong, their wedding was absolutely amazing in every way possible; I mean how can you improve upon an intimate, lakeside wedding where the trees seemed to dance above them as they made their vows?  But as soon as Randi contacted me, I knew I was the photographer for her.  She was hilarious and honest about her concerns about photography upfront and just talked to me like I was a lifelong friend.  Even now, after the wedding, she'll text me and send me emails and they always crack me up and brighten my day.  I love my clients.

As for the vendor who stole the show that day, I have to say it was Southern Oaks.  Randi + Marc's vision was for a romantic, spring wedding with lots of flowers and amazing hospitality.  Their arbor was decorated so beautifully, it was hard to believe that that the flowers were real.  Randi's bouquet was drop dead gorgeous as well.  It was a little blustery (this spring has seriously been so windy!) but Southern Oaks did incredible making sure that all the linens and decor stayed in one place.  Southbound Crescent Band kept the crowd dancing the whole night while guests took turns taking pontoons out onto the lake.  

What an amazing day! Thank you Randi + Marc for trusting me to capture it! 

Other amazing vendors:

Bride's Dress:  Mimi's Bridal 

Hair:  The Village Hair Salon

Makeup:  The Abbey Salon

Florist:  Southern Oaks

Ceremony Band:  Intermezzo Ensemble

Catering:  Southern Oaks

Reception Band:  Southbound Crescent Band

Fireworks:  Powder Monkey Pyrotechnics


Gabby + BJ || Biloxi, MS Wedding


Gabby + BJ || Biloxi, MS Wedding

The tone for Gabby and BJ's day was set for me in Gabby's bridal prep room at the White House Hotel.  The light was absolutely beautiful, her bridesmaids were a riot, and the bride herself was so relaxed and stunning (even before the prep started!).  Gabby's the kind of person that you can't help but notice when she's in the room. . .she's genuinely so kind and friendly and her smile just lights everything up around her.  Ok, ok, and she has the best hair. EVER.   It's plain to see why BJ is smitten with her.  

My amazing second shooter, Lisa Cooke, nabbed some fun and relaxed getting ready shots of the groom with his groomsmen before the ceremony.  I'm so thankful for her help!  By the time BJ was ready to see Gabby at the ceremony, he was pretty overcome with emotion.  Their ceremony was emotional, personal, and very intimate on the terrace of the White House Hotel.  It was also one of the windiest outdoor weddings I've ever shot, but Gabby just laughed as her veil blew off coming down the aisle.  Love it.

Gabby and Bj, you guys are awesome and I loved getting to be there for your day!  

Amazing Vendors:

Wedding Planner:  A Plan to Remember, Susie Davis

Florist:  Pine Hills Floral Designs

Makeup:  Southern Touch Salon

Hair:  Southern Touch Salon

Catering:  Cora's Restaurant in the White House Hotel

DJ:  Scratch and Surf

Cake:  Le Bakery


Meaghan + Clint || New Orleans, LA Wedding Photographer


Meaghan + Clint || New Orleans, LA Wedding Photographer

This April has been quite a whirlwind for me.  It seems like every spring I have one or two months absolutely packed with weddings, and April was that month for me this year.  Not complaining one bit at all though!  Every wedding was amazing and it just confirms that I'm doing what I'm meant to be doing!  

I met Meaghan for the first time last summer when she was a bridesmaid at her sweet friend's Amy's wedding.  I loved shooting that wedding and remembered her whole bridal party being amazing.  When your bridesmaids keep you laughing and enjoying yourself all day, instead of stressing over little details, you know you have some great gals next to you.  Meaghan's wedding was just as awesome and lighthearted.   Meaghan and Clint just completed their last year of medical school, so they had a lot on their plate this year and I know they just wanted their wedding to be enjoyable to themselves and their friends and family.  (Oh and fun fact, they met over a dead body!   That sounds totally morbid, but they were partners in studying a cadaver and over the next 6 months became best of friends. . .and well the rest is history!)  

The girls started the day getting ready at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.  After getting ready, we took a few block walk from the hotel to the wedding venue.  Walking through the heart of the French Quarter in your wedding dress draws up a lot of attention, and it was a blast.  You know you have a laid back bride when she decides to skip the Uber so she can walk through the French Quarter on her wedding day.  Clint got ready with his guys at his house just down the street.  My amazing second shooter, Lauryn, captured some great images of them!

After Meaghan's fun first look with her dad, and the groomsmen setting up the groom's doughnut wall (yes, that happened!), it was time to get married.  You could see how Clint just lit up as he watched Meaghan walk down the aisle with her dad.  The whole ceremony was full of the same joy.  

And as you'll see in the reception pictures, this is one bride that loves to dance.  She booked of her favorite bands, Flow Tribe, and they kept everyone on their feet pretty much the whole time.  I loved this day so much and was so honored to be the one to capture it!  So much love to these two.... 

The amazing vendors that made this day so wonderful:

Venue:  The Jaxson

Bride's hair: Nicole Pigeon

Bride's makeup: Emily with Katie Malone

Florist:  Crystal Vase

Catering:  New Orleans Catering

Band:  Flow Tribe